Giving the Gift of Time to our Parents

Our parents are the first people in our lives to love us. The ones who taught us how to love, and what love looks like deserve the Gift of Time as a way to say "Thank you, ma, pa, for loving me." 

Congratulations to @jilmagsss for this heartwarming moment her parents shared and for winning 2 watches for them! ❤️  

Read her parents' story below:

"Back then, I had a girl talk with my mom. She told me that she has never received any flowers or chocolates from my dad. Of course, I was shocked and I even felt sorry for her. My dad isn't a sweet person for he is a practical human and that he finds those things absolutely corny.

"She has never received
any flowers or
chocolates from my dad."

Their silver anniversary came. My dad asked me what to do. But because I remembered the flower thing with my mom, I told him that he should give her a bouquet of roses and that 8 or 12 roses would suffice. It is the little things that matter, right? So we went to a flower shop and decided to just pick it up after 30 mins. While we were on our way to a pizza parlor, my father asked me, "Sa tingin mo, gawin ko na bang 25 flowers?" My heart was dancing in delight and yes, i told him that he should go for it. So we went back and my dad ordered for a 13 red and 12 white roses bouquet.

"Sa tingin mo,
gawin ko na bang
25 flowers?"

We got home. The video cam was on my hand and the record was on. From our home's gate, my dad, with a teenager-like smile, with the bouquet on his hand and a pan of pizza on the other, started walking slowly towards our living room (which is btw, where my mom was). In my POV, everything went slow-mo. When my mom saw him walking towards her, she got teary-eyed and of course, she was delighted and even turned her back for a while because she couldn't handle her emotions. After the bouquet was handed to her, they kissed and hugged, well, in front of me.

"When my mom saw
him walking towards her,
she got teary-eyed."

Usually, PDAs from parents bother me but this one didn't. Witnessing such moment made me teary-eyed because it was heart-warming for I have felt my dad's love and sincerity that my mom received that day (which I have never seen until that moment). And that was my favorite special moment that I have shared with my parents. #GiftofTime #TomatoTimePH"

Thank you again to @jilmagsss for sharing this wonderful moment with us :) Click here to learn about our Gift of Time this week, this time for your barkada!

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