Giving the Gift of Time to our Friends

Time folds and stretches when we're with the best. Time speeds up when we're with our best friends, and sometimes it can seem like no time has passed when we haven't seen each other in a while. 

Congratulations to KC Lewis for this touching memory with one of her best friends ❤️  

Read her story below:

"I'll never forget my college days because of my bestfriend Jansen. Way back 2013, graduating kami noon. 2nd sem ng mawalang ng work si daddy. Siya lang yung breadwinner ng family so super worried ako kung pano ako makakapag-aral. Daddy told me na magbayad ng installment nalang and gagawa siya ng paraan. Pero dahil din sa 4 kaming nag-aaral, sobrang hirap maghanap ng pera. I decided not to enroll that day at mag-isip ng paraan saan kukuha ng pera .

"Super worried ako 
kung pano ako

Me and my bestfriend promised each other na dapat lagi kaming sabay mag-eenroll para same block kami kaya nagtaka siya kung bakit walang mga reply na galing sakin nung araw na iyon. Then nung sinabi ko na nasa bahay lang ako, nagpunta siya and kept asking me ano problema, kaya sinabi ko. Sobrang naiyak ako kinabukasan when she handed me the money at sinabing kay tita daw galing (mommy nya) at sinabing pwede naman bayaran anytime kaya wag muna kami mag worry. 💖 Sobrang saya ko na naka graduate ako on time na posibleng hindi mangyari yun kung wala yung help niya. Now, i am a licensed Civil engineer na. Same kami. 😊💖

"Sobrang naiyak ako...
(Sinabi niya) wag muna kami
mag worry."

To a friend who has always been there, to a friend who has listened to all my pain. Thanks to her I have someone to turn to, someone to run to when things go wrong. All the frowns I've worn that she'd turned into smiles. All the times I wanted to die, She have led me the way. Without her, my life would be like the moon without the stars. I would have no one to brighten my horizons and widen my spirits. She gave me sight for tomorrow. I don't know that I could ever thank her enough. 🙏🏻 

"Twenty years from now,
I'll look back and remember,
she was my person."

Twenty years from now I'll look back and remember she was my person that could turn every frown into a smile in just a few words "let's go lift"; the one who lifted my head when I was losing faith in myself; the person who accepted every decision I made, that one who knew who I really was and that one person that made the biggest difference in my life. #TomatoTimeph #GiftOfTime 💖"

Thank you again to KC Lewis for sharing this wonderful moment with us :) Click here to learn about our Gift of Time this week, this time for your barkada!

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